Introducing JETNET iQ, a premium members-only advisory service for business aviation and business travel intelligence. Receive quarterly independent intelligence focusing on developments, trends, risks, opportunities and forecasts.

JETNET iQ is the world’s first single source of market intelligence created exclusively for business aviation and business travel. With JETNET iQ, you’ll have access to independent perspectives and insights from the leader in aviation market intelligence—JETNET.

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We connect daily with our global network of aviation contacts and customers. They recognize us as trusted long-term experts and advisors. We’re privately held, so we’re not associated with any special interest group—manufacturers, investors, regulators, or operators. Our expertise is aviation market intelligence. JETNET iQ is the next stage in our evolution as your full-service aviation intelligence partner.


With today’s unprecedented turbulence in business aviation, you need better intelligence to help you navigate today’s challenging business environment. To forecast customer demand, sector growth, and customer confidence and sentiment. To support your critical decision-making, you need sources of information, analysis, and insight you can trust to be objective and independent. Enter JETNET iQ.

What do you get with JETNET iQ?

JETNET iQ is available by annual subscription, and includes three components:

JETNET iQ REPORTS are the definitive analytical reference on the business aviation and business travel industry. They include state-of-the-industry analyses, customer insights, and industry outlooks on a systematic, quarterly basis. All reports are prepared with the latest market, economic, and industry intelligence, and results from proprietary surveys of aircraft owners and operators around the globe.

JETNET iQ SUMMITS will gather industry leaders, advisors, investors and influencers to engage in daylong conferences for relevant and thought-provoking presentations and conversations.

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JETNET iQ CONSULTING offers custom research, analysis and problem-solving services to aviation and travel organizations.

Who can benefit most from JETNET iQ?

  • Aircraft and engine manufacturers and suppliers
  • Banks, private equity, pension funds, sovereign funds
  • Investors
  • Aircraft lenders tand lessors
  • Travel-related services
  • Aircraft operators
  • Maintenance, repair, overhaul, and ground services
  • Travel services: credit, hotel, real estate
  • Regulators
  • Risk Managers
  • Aviation Insurance Providers

Ready to raise your business iQ? Call us today and get the edge you need with JETNET iQ. Members Know More—with the new essential service for aviation business leaders.

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